In many ways, entering Moraine Farm is like stepping back into another era.  It is easy to imagine horse-drawn carriages making their way along the curving drive lined with rhododendron.  Off to the left upon entering is the Historic Barn and original farmhouse along with agricultural fields that are still in production today.  Continuing along the drive, one passes meadows, rhododendron, azaleas and wooded areas that only hint at the spectacular view of Wenham Lake that awaits visitors upon entering the house.  It is easy to imagine a game of croquet on the Lawn adjacent to the house or afternoon tea in the charming Tea House overlooking a hidden garden.  This was Moraine Farm in the late 19th century and to a remarkable degree, Moraine Farm has retained this historical character today.  Frederick Law Olmsted’s design for Moraine Farm has stood the test of time.  Today this beautiful estate continues as a vibrant farm and so much more.

The drive curves in and out of sunlight as it approaches the house. (Photo by Shary Berg)

The Tea House overlooks the perennial garden. (Photo by Shary Berg)

Since 1880 when Olmsted designed a gentleman’s farm in North Beverly as a summer escape for the Phillips family of Boston, Moraine Farm has evolved from a private residence to the site for a variety of 21st century activities.  Today the Waldorf School at Moraine FarmThe Trustees of Reservations, and Project Adventure (an organization whose mission is to build character, promote team work and encourage responsibility) coexist and support each other on the property.  The unique beauty of the site, in particular, the house and garden, also makes it an ideal venue for special events.

Boulders set on the vertical edge the Lawn adjacent to the house. (Photo by Shary Berg)

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